In-person Procedural Education in the Era of COVID19

Medical procedural education in the era of COVID19 is still best conducted via HANDS-ON simulation-based procedural training. Procedural skills can NOT be attained via remote education, but in-person training must be conducted safely.

There are many topics and skills that can be successfully be taught online, but procedural skills is not one of them. Classes that rely on lectures and discussion groups all can be successfully taught in an online format without sacrificing quality. However, courses that are teaching how to perform a manual skill are best conducted in person. Imagine learning how to putt a golf ball, dribble a basketball, serve a tennis ball or how to perform a ballet assemblé via remote learning. All of these skills require coaches to correct improper technique in real time and then to repeat the proper technique to develop muscle memory.

Simulation-based procedural training is a proven way to teach physicians and advanced practice providers how to perform airway managementvascular accesspoint-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), and other bedside procedures such as thoracentesisparacentesislumbar puncture and chest tube placementHospital Procedures Consultants (HPC) is the premier provider of simulation-based training in Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures. HPC has trained over 5,000 clinicians how to safely perform the twenty most essential procedures needed to work in the ER, ICU and hospital wards.

However, in the era of COVID19, in person procedural instruction must include safety protocols to ensure that in person instruction can be conducted safely.  This is why HPC will be resuming Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures Courses in October with changes in the course format:

  • Maximize social distancing
  • Mandating the use of masks by all faculty and students
  • Use of gloves by all faculty and students
  • Protective eye glasses will be provided for all students

HPC is committed to continue its mission to provide the best, most comprehensive, evidence-based training in procedural medicine to healthcare professionals. However, HPC will do this in a safe manner at the following locations:

  • October 10-11 – New Orleans
  • November 14-15 – San Antonio
  • December 12-13 – Chicago

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