On returning to the ED from the course, I had a lumbar puncture and an intubation on my first shift back. Both went well and no issues at all. These were procedures I have performed before, but I noticed how much slower and with more purpose and methodical I was going through them. I used Joseph’s thumb technique on the LP and his guidance on finding the landmarks was helpful.  The key I had been missing for many years in doing intubations was the placement of the tip of the Mac blade into the base of the vallecula. By doing this, the view is improved very notably. I intubated a sick patient in less than 30 seconds once the meds were in effect.

– Javier Festa, PA-C, Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you so much.  I had a great time and learned so much!  I was pleased that I was not the only one in attendance who had not done the procedures before (so I wasn’t intimidated) and I felt supported by the instructors.

– Becky Yoza, FNP-BC, ENP-C, Hawaii

Just wanted to let you know that in my first two days back to the ED after your course I had a difficult intubation, a chest tube and an a-line in a hypotensive septic patient. Though I’ve done all these procedures before, having just had your course , I was extra confident! It was one of the best classes I’ve attended and I’m telling everyone to attend!

-Lillian Pan, DO, California

I just completed the two day Procedures Course in Las Vegas and want to thank you and your entire team for an exceptional learning experience. Not only do Dr. Rutherford and the entire group have an incredible knowledge and skill set, they have the ability to transfer that knowledge and skills to others.  I walked away with the confidence that only passionate instructors and multiple repetitions can give.

– Robert Graves FNP-C, Arizona

This class is definitely worth taking.  It increases your skill level and confidence.  It was worth every penny.  All instructors are top-notch and very helpful

– Melanie Denny-Schiltz, FNP, Nebraska

I attended your conference in Long Beach this past weekend, it was amazing!  I have come back to work excitedly telling my colleagues about it and my medical director as well.

– Julie Daly, MSN APN NP-C CEN, New Jersey

Thank you to Dr. Esherick, Dr. Rutherford, Dr. Javed, Dr. Gorit and the many others who helped situate a well organized course. I have recommended this course to the nurse practitioners here in Michigan seeking to learn, refine and further strengthen procedural skills. The physicians demonstrated not only their experience, but were able to teach it in an approachable manner. This is an excellent course that helped me gain more confidence in my procedural skills. As a nurse practitioner it is rare to find clinicians that are this invested in teaching their students.

– Mona Denha ANP-BC, Michigan

I was just at your course in Vegas this past weekend and it was fabulous and I wanted to thank you for such a valuable and well done course. I have started to tell my colleagues about the course and that it is so worth their time.

More specifically I am working the ED today and was able to dive in using my ultrasound training for an evaluation of a trauma. Because of the great course and instruction, I was able to feel confident in what I was doing and looking at. You guys are great and I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work in helping us be better providers of health care.

-Melissa Magstadt, Watertown, SD

“As a Hospitalist who covers the ICU and works nights alone in a 40-bed hospital, this course was precisely what I needed. The reinforcement provided for procedures such as CVCs and Alines gave me the boost of confidence required to feel competent. I was SO impressed with the quality of teaching and hands-on practice afforded to each participant. My mind was absolutely blown by the instructors who demonstrated such expertise in these areas, particular in regard to ultrasound competence. It was at the level you would expect from radiologists and pulmonary critical care. I was actually incredibly inspired by their diagnostic skills (determining volume status based on the diameter of the IVC!!!), and I felt they gave me an invaluable gift by putting ultrasound as an additional tool in my hand. Highly recommend this to anyone providing hospital care. Thank you so much.”

-Joy Walton

“I have been to many CME presentations in the past and the Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures course ranks at the top. Hands on models and great instructors with a low student faculty ratio made this an outstanding experience.  Thanks!!”

-William Hampton, MD

“I am happy to report that I got much more out of the day–specifically, suggestions new to me on airway management, confirmation or updates of things I already knew, AND  the bonus chance to  practice and improve ultrasound access for central lines.”

You and Rick gave the necessary information and instructions clearly and concisely without super-saturating or boring us–not so easy to pull off.

What was especially wonderful is that I had the opportunity to DO the procedures repeatedly in a comfortable supportive atmosphere, thanks to your and Rick’s instructive and supportive teaching styles.  I had time–and gentle encouragement– enough to repeat things to the point of exhaustion of need, and–importantly–to the point of confidence. The fact that every participant (including me) felt that he/she had time, knowledge, and support enough to feel satiated even minutes before the official close is wonderful.  You certainly kept your word that by the end of the session everyone would feel comfortable in doing the procedures. That is so rare, as you know.”

–  Winifred Chambers, M.D., Hillsboro Beach, Florida

“The HPC Course provides essential fundamentals for the early diagnosis management and resuscitation of the trauma patient.  This course is an excellent resource for any provider taking care of the injured patient.”

– JAVIER ROMERO, M.D., FACS, Trauma Surgeon, Director of Surgery at the Ventura County Medical Center

“The HPC two-day course has been one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. The instructors are great teachers, resourceful, and approachable. The course itself is designed very well. They cover a lot of ground in two days and it’s not easy to fit all of the matter into two days, and still make sure we understand and grasp the topics well. It is made possible because of a very well-designed curriculum and a lot of hands-on training. The mannequins are high-quality. Practicing on them is as close as you can get to the real thing.

What’s most important is, that at the end of the course, I feel fully confident that I can go back to work and perform these procedures successfully in real-life situations. It’s totally worth the cost! This course is a must for anyone who wants to gain confidence in doing Emergency and Critical Care procedures.”

– Varun Shetty, M.D., Mumbai, India

“Excellent course.  Wish I had this during residency.  Love the skills lab.  I strongly recommend this course to anyone who deals with Acute Care.”

– Dr. Damary Gonzalez, Round Rock, Texas

“Fantastic course.  One of the most useful CME’s I’ve ever attended!

– Cathy Leadabrand, M.D., Watertown, South Dakota

“If you are reading this testimonial, trust me and sign up now before it gets filled.  This is more than you expect. A lot of education and confidence in a short time.  Very classy and professional.”

-Abdul Memom, Longwood, Florida

“The course was outstanding, well worth the money spent.  Gave me skills that will enhance my practice starting today!”

– Derek Elliott, Bar Creek, Pennsylvania

“Instructors are outstanding for different levels of experience and accommodate accordingly.  Touched upon procedures that are widely used and up to date research was extremely helpful”

– Erin Nastro, Southampton, New York

“I really enjoyed this course.  Good review of introduction to common hospital procedures with lots of opportunity to practice skills.  Would definitely recommend!”

– Sarah Wolff, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Best medical course that I have ever taken.  Well organized, informative, practical, hands on training.  Very useful!”

-Ellen Ray, Gardner, Massachusetts

“Drs. Rutherford and Esherick are outstanding instructors providing clinically relevant and practically useful approaches to myriad core hospital procedural skills as well as the state of the art technology.  The course exceeded my expectations.”

-Rebecca Piotrowski, Tampa, Florida

“Speakers were clear, competent, professional, well-organized and planned.  Great course!”

-DanWaldman, Albuquerque, NM

“Hands-on experience, patient instructors and no pressure leads to an overall great experience.”

-Ramona Walker, Dallas, TX

“This is the second time I’ve worked with Dr. Esherick and the first time with Dr. Rutherford.  I find them both clear, concise communicators.  The material presented definitely translates to the real world.”

-Thomas Annulis, Great Mills, MD

“Drs. Esherick and Rutherford are excellent instructors.  Both were very helpful and I found Dr. Esherick to be exceptionably personable!”

-Nicole DiDonato, Greensburg, PA

“I appreciated the small class size and hands-on opportunities.  A definite benefit was time and opportunity to talk with the other doctors who were also practicing skills.”

-Carley Robertson, Havre, MT

“What a great course this is!  You have every reason to be proud of this accomplishment.  The learning environment you created really works!”

-Ati Yates, Eugene, OR

“Excellent program overall.  Very student friendly.”

-Grace Sy, Bethel, Alaska

“Good facu

lty, hands-on training.  An excellent experience.”

-Enoch Darko, Windsor, CT

“I am very impressed with the thoroughness and comprehensive approach to this course.  I had an opportunity to see, learn and use equipment for the first time in 10 years…  this is a must have refresher for anyone more than 5 years out of training.”

-Sonja Labrie, M.D. Lindsay, MT

“I just completed the ultrasound guided procedure course this past weekend and it was great. I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for the teaching styles of both instructors. I can finally say that I understand ultrasound!”

– Cristian Landa, M.D., Jacksonville, FL

“Comprehensive. Very well organized. Taught by clinicians with lots of experience. Excellent course for any hospitalist who is seeking to learn, re-learn, or fine tune their procedural skills!!”

– Jack Artinian, M.D., Michigan

“The most educational course for procedures! Manikins are the best. Instructors are dedicated to us learning.”

– Denise Clay, M.D., Florida

“Excellent course! I can’t wait to attempt these procedures on live patients and know that I’m able to provide these services to patients that I care for.”

– Barbara Asorian, MSN, ACNP, Florida

“Great lectures and handouts also. This course was better than the ACEP cadaver course plus the TCEP Sonogram course!”

-Terry Mitchell, M.D., Texas

“Excellent.  Better than cadaver course at ACEP.”  -Anonymous

“Practical information coming from physicians using it daily in their practices”

-Ruth Thompson, M.D., Dayton, OH

“Very succinct course provides competence with procedures that are standard of care!”

– Amorette Miller, M.D., Alabama

“Attitude of lecturers was very non-threatening (quite unlike ACLS/ATLS courses), which was much better for true adult learning.”

– Chris Taylor, M.D., United Kingdom

“Excellent amount of hands-on experience with equipment and simulators.”

Lisa Hatzos, M.D., New Hampshire

I trained under Dr. Esherick and Dr. Rutherford during my residency. They are both excellent instructors of hospital procedures, and are the main reason that I feel very competent with my skills. When you take this course, you will improve your technique to successfully perform the procedures safely. Thus, you will become more comfortable in providing best practices within your hospital setting.

– Jay Lai, M.D., Hawaii

There are a few special physicians in each of our careers who bend and shape the way you think, care and ultimately deliver the kind of medicine we all dreamed of when we started on this journey to heal; Dr. Esherick and Dr. Rutherford both fall into this category.  As a former graduate from VCMC, I learned how to intubate, place chest tubes, do lumbar punctures, do focused ultrasound in the ER, run ATLS/FAST scans, and use ultrasound for central line placement among many other procedures.  The common denominator is that these two experienced physicians taught me how to do them all with confidence and expertise beyond which I thought I was capable of. I am now practicing as a Hospitalist and there isn’t a situation or a procedure with which I’m faced that I can’t look back and have the solid foundation of competence due to their insights. I wholeheartedly recommend you to experience their seminars and feel that your time and energy will be rewarded.

– Michael Monge, Hospitalist, Cogent Healthcare, California