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Hospital Procedures Consultants (HPC) wants to bring our advanced simulators and procedural expert instructors to you for a custom procedural training experience. HPC wants to cater to the needs of your group to create the training experience that you desire. We have conducted custom procedural training courses at numerous locations across the country at locations ranging from major academic medical centers to small rural hospitals, so there is no barrier to where we conduct our courses. Our custom courses cater to physician and advanced practice provider groups practicing Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, Critical Care, Urgent Care as well as Residency Programs, Medical Schools, ENP programs and Respiratory Therapist groups.

Our procedural training repertoire includes basic and advanced airway management, ultrasound-guided arterial and venous vascular access training, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), bedside procedures including thoracentesis, paracentesis, lumbar puncture, chest tube placement, pigtail catheter placement, needle thoracostomy, suturing, arthrocentesis/joint injections, and abscess I&D among others.

Our lecture and procedure video didactics are provided in advance to students via an Online Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures course so the live custom course can be 100% hands-on skills lab training. However, we can provide additional live lectures about mechanical ventilation, procedural sedation or any other topic during the custom course if desired. See why 6,000+ clinicians have trusted HPC with their procedural training. Let us come to you to save your organization travel costs and staff shortages!

We can work with your group/institution to customize any course to meet your needs and bring our course to you!

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Locations and Testimonials from Prior Custom Courses

“Excellent all around.  Good learning atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable asking questions and for whatever help needed.”


– Randall S. Raun, M.D.

“Amazing.  Will change the way I practice.  One of the best uses of my time in years.”


– Anonymous

“I definitely accomplished my goals and much more–I must have done a hundred intubations (as I had hoped).  But I am happy to report that I got much more out of the day–specifically, suggestions new to me on airway management AND the bonus chance to practice and improve ultrasound access for central lines.  You and Rick gave the necessary information and instructions clearly and concisely without super-saturating or boring us–not so easy to pull off.

What was especially wonderful is that I had the opportunity to DO the procedures repeatedly in a comfortable supportive atmosphere, thanks to your and Rick’s instructive and supportive teaching styles.  I had time–and gentle encouragement– enough to repeat things to the point of exhaustion of need, and–importantly–to the point of confidence. The fact that every participant (including me) felt that he/she had time, knowledge, and support enough to feel satiated even minutes before the official close is wonderful.”


– Winifred Chamber, M.D.
“The course was informative and helpful.  It should become a routine part of orientation for new health care providers when starting.”
– Oliver Eng, M.D.

“Excellent program! I’ve never been to another program where I learned as much information and technique I can use in
my practice.”

– Anonymous
“Great instructors.  Appreciate the time they took to work with each attendee!”
– Anonymous

Very good and very didactic! Enjoyed it a lot

Andres Molina, Resident Physician

Fantastic program. Feel very comfortable with procedures that I wasn’t too familiar with prior to the course. Ready to implement the procedures completed into practice.

Zacheriah Benton, Resident Physician

This course was really helpful. I learned a lot about cardiac and vascular ultrasound, intubation and how to place lines. It really gave me more confidence to start using this skills when treating patients in real life.

Stephanie Earle, Resident Physician

The course was amazing!

Kelvin Hodges, Resident Physician

Amazing trainers. Great course. I feel much more comfortable now with the procedures. Thank you

Perla Pineda, Resident Physician

I don’t know how to thank you for your time, patience and love for teaching!!! We can tell you guys do this from the heart, we had such a great learning experience. Thank you for teaching us the skills we need to become better physicians and provide better care to out patients. We walked out of there with so much confidence we are ready to conquer the world!!! We plan on talking to out program Director and recommend this become a part of the interns introductory week or community service week so they can learn the skills necessary for procedures!!! Keep doing what you’re doing and until next time !!!

Carlos Herrera,M.D.,FAWM,AE-C. PGY-3, Family Medicine Resident

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