Washington, D.C.

During our stay in D.C. we caught the tail end of fall. The foliage exuded brilliant autumn colors. Since I am from Southern California where our seasons all blend into one, I was very taken aback by the beauty of the season.

Even though the National Mall was the only site I had time to tour, it offered an amazing experience. To make the visit even more patriotic, It was Veterans’ Day! I started my walk from the Capital…

Then walked along a beautiful path that ran through the middle of the mall.

The path led to the Washington Monument (which was under construction during my visit)

When I came upon the World War II Memorial, it was filled with people, some were honoring veterans, some were sharing stories, and others came just to look. Regardless of their reason for being there, you could feel the pride and unity in the air.

Just beyond the WWII Memorial laid the Reflecting Pool which was beautiful and calming.

Finally, I came to the Lincoln Memorial! My favorite fact about the Lincoln Memorial is that Abe’s hands are sculpted into his initials in American Sign Language. “A” with his left hand and “L” with his right hand.

I only had time for one last memorial before heading back to California, the Korean War Veterans Memorial!

Overall, this was an amazing destination and I cannot wait to go back!

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