Seattle, one of my favorite cities, was a beautiful place to visit in September. Although the air was crisp, we were fortunate to have a rain-free weekend which allowed me to roam around city and take in all that it has to offer.

A few blocks from the ferris wheel was a fabulous restaurant where devoured a mound of sea food. This lunch required a bib and a mallet. Two kinds of crab legs, corn, shrimp, oysters, muscles, and sausage.



Apparently, I have a “thing” for ferris wheels because it seems that anytime there is a ferris wheel at an HPC destination… I’m on it.

This ferris wheel is the largest observational wheel on the west coast and it looks over Elliott Bay. It measures up to 175 feet tall and can hold over 300 passengers at a time!

The 175 foot ferris wheel seems very small compared to Seattle’s number one attraction, the Space Needle. The Space Needle stands 605 feet tall. Want to get a 360 degree view of Seattle? From the Space Needle’s observation deck you can do so from 520 feet up in the air!


If you want to be more grounded during your stay in Seattle, then I highly recommend checking out Pike Place Market. Its so lively and there is a lot of fresh produce, fresh seafood, and miscellaneous trinkets to buy.



Last, but most certainly not least, I visited the original Starbucks!!! Being an avid Starbucks goer, this was a must see. Technically, the original Starbucks burnt down in a fire, so this store is the one they built after the fire. However, its still exciting to see! The line was out the door, the coffee tasted the same as it does at any other Starbucks, but the experience was worth it!

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