January in Las Vegas

Our January conference in Las Vegas was well attended and well recieved. People love coming to this destination. It has so much to offer.  A walk down the street to take in a few sights is quite an experience–come along!

Eiffel Tower, Paris Resort

Texture and light create a remarkable vision.

Caesars Palace

Classic Greco-Roman architecture through a reflective surface.

Grand Fountains, Bellagio Resort

Water conducts electricity in a captivating display.

Planet Hollywood Resort

Bustling activity at street level of our hotel.

Gold Coins

Abundant Orchids and Tropical Foliage

Bellagio resort never disappoints with ever-present artistic diplays and visions. The muse for brilliant reds and golds, Chinese New Year.

PBR Rockbar & Grill

Back on the street, every oasis calls.

Commercial Reflections

As I rounded the corner I realized that every pocket of the strip was available for commerce.

Looking forward to Chicago!

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