2023-08 Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures Course – San Antonio, TX (WEEKEND)

Courtyard Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel
November 18-19, 2023
Live Course & Online Course
(Saturday & Sunday)
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Every student will receive digital entry to our collection of 19 educational units, encompassing all the lectures and procedural videos for our Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures course. These units must be fully covered before your scheduled practical skills lab session. Consequently, you’ll have the flexibility to finish all the theoretical groundwork for our course from any location and at any time. Moreover, you’ll have the freedom to revisit the lectures and comprehensive procedural videos as frequently as desired throughout an entire year!

Once you’ve finished the instructional modules, you’ll participate in an intensive weekend session spanning 10 hours per day. This session will focus on simulation-driven training for ALL the hospital procedures covered. This day of practical training is entirely centered on hands-on skills development within a group ratio of six students to one instructor (6:1). You’ll benefit from tailored and immersive instruction in:

  • Central line insertion using both landmark guidance and ultrasound assistance
  • Ultrasound-guided peripheral IV placement
  • Intraosseous line establishment
  • Arterial line insertion
  • Vascular and chest ultrasound
  • Spinal ultrasound
  • Limited Echocardiography
  • E-FAST and RUSH examinations
  • Thoracentesis through landmark guidance and ultrasound assistance
  • Paracentesis
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Needle decompression
  • Chest tube insertion
  • Pigtail catheter placement
  • Fundamental suturing
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • King tube airway placement
  • Laryngeal mask airway placement
  • Intubation guided by stylet
  • Glidescope-assisted intubation, as well as alternative strategies for the management of challenging airways.

Bedside ultrasound training will be conducted on paid ultrasound models.

We’re thrilled to present our Hospitalist and Emergency Procedures CME course at the Courtyard Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel. We’ve managed to secure an excellent special rate of $169 per night for accommodations when you register a minimum of 4 weeks before the course commencement. Simply indicate that you’re affiliated with Hospital Procedures Consultants when booking to take advantage of this reduced rate.

November 18-19, 2023
Courtyard Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel
207 N. Saint Marys Street
San Antonio, TX 78205

Every student will receive indefinite online access to our entire lecture syllabus and course handouts including basics of ultrasound and airway management, and an emergency drug reference card. This will allow you to have the entire course at your fingertips whenever you are in the hospital!

We will begin our course on the Saturday morning with a continental breakfast available at 7:00 AM (class will begin at 7:45AM). Breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students. The course will end on Sunday at approximately 6:00 PM. The hotel will be posting the location of our course locations in the lobby.

At Hospital Procedure Consultants, our commitment revolves around delivering top-notch, all-encompassing, and knowledge-grounded training for medical procedures. Our objective is to impart fresh and valuable skills to enhance your professional practice, while also bolstering your confidence in the procedures you’re already adept at performing. This live CME course provides up to 20.0 AMA PRA Category 1 creditsTM and 16 hours of Trauma CME credit. The course didactics are viewed through complimentary access to our Online CME course which provides 11.5 AMA PRA Category 1 creditsTM

Courtyard Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel is ideally located along the famous San Antonio Riverwalk featuring numerous excellent restaurants and clubs, riverboat rides and is walking distance to the Alamo. Visit the hotel website for details.

What Is Simulation Based Training

Simulation-based training is an educational approach that involves creating lifelike scenarios or environments to replicate real-world situations, allowing learners to practice and develop their skills in a safe and controlled setting. These simulations aim to mimic the challenges and complexities of real-life situations, enabling learners to practice decision-making, problem-solving, and technical skills without the risks associated with actual environments.

In medical education, simulation-based training might involve medical students or professionals practicing procedures on lifelike mannequins or virtual patients. This approach allows them to refine their skills, test different strategies, and build confidence before working with real patients. Overall, simulation-based training enhances learning outcomes by providing a safe space for experiential learning and skill development.

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All course registrants will receive two certificates:

  • Live CME Certificate
  • Simulation-based Training Certificate

Alternate Registration Methods

  1. Call Us: 805-339-0225
  2. Fax Us: 805-339-0375
  3. Printable Registration Form : Send to 2646 Palma Drive, Suite 275, Ventura, CA 93003

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