Las Vegas in the Summer

Las Vegas in the Summer

Our second trip to Vegas this year was great. Our conference was held at Planet Hollywood Resort, July 23rd and 24th.  The summertime crowds had the casino buzzing and Britney was playing in every elevator. It was electric!

Our home base, Planet Hollywood

To escape the heat, I traveled once again over to Bellagio to take in some of the incredible sights. This resort never disappoints. I was truly refreshed by the underwater paradise that awaited me.

Manzanita doubling as sea life

As I entered the conservatory I walked though a passageway of aquariums filled with coral and tropical fish. for a moment I was sure I spotted a mermaid, then quickly realized it was a girl on the other side of the display peering in as I was. You could only imagine my surprise!

Oh, those are people!

As the passage opened up, a larger than life display took me even further into the depths. It was absolutely grand in its presentation.

Upon my exit I passed the artful displays of Tesorini. Playing along in a subaqueous tone, there were beautiful pieces of jewelry appearing as if it were sunken treasure. A delight for the eyes.


As I walked through the mall on the opposite side of the hotel I looked above and saw a brilliant canopy of suspended anemone umbrellas. I laughed to myself and wondered if they were meant to correlate with the aquatic theme. I was sure they were and began to suspect that these weren’t shallow waters after all.

Brilliant depth

No adventure would be complete without a treasure hunt. Saturday evening after a lovely dinner out, Captain… er, Dr. Joe Esherick led the charge (and yes, CHARGE being the operative word) down Las Vegas Blvd. to find the buried treasure at M&M’s World. Well, a treasure buried in tourists to be exact! Imagine coming home from such a sail without having had a true pillage.

A man on a mission
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