HPC in the Windy City

Hospital Procedures Consultants went back to the Windy City. Chicago is a great place to host a conference as it offers a vast amount of things to see and do. For starters, Chicago is home to the second oldest baseball stadium in the major leagues. Built in 1914, it is exciting to be in a place that is so rich with history.

Chicago also offers amazing cuisines and great, unique eateries. The city is full of amazing architecture that is rich with character and Lincoln Park is a great place to view the city’s skyline.

A few miles south of Lincoln Park, you will find a huge tourist attraction, Millennium Park. The most obvious attraction there is Cloud Gate, a 110 ton stainless steel bean-like sculpture. Its reflective qualities show a different perspective of the skyline.

HPC always enjoys hosting courses in Chicago as it offers a wealth of sightseeing and activities

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