Denver Conference

My second Hospital Procedures Consultants Conference took place in Denver, Colorado! I was very excited to visit Denver, as it was my first time to the city. Denver was beautiful in June. The day time weather was warm with plenty of sunshine. The nights were also warm and clear. I enjoyed walking the 16th Street Mall at night.

Hospital Procedures Consultants picked Denver’s most historic landmark hotel, The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. Its name alone sets a high standard of traditional elegance. Upon walking into the lobby of the hotel, I felt as if I was transported back in time. The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa was located in downtown Denver.

A convenient tourist feature is that the 16th Street Mall was less than a 5 minutes’ walk from the hotel. The outdoor mall is about a couple blocks long with many shops and eateries.

The hotel was traditional and stylish. The seminar rooms provided were nicely arranged.  In addition, the banquet room provided called the “Onyx Room” was adorned with a beautiful ceiling mural.  The breakfasts and lunches provided were delicious and certainly top quality.

My weekend in Denver with Hospital Procedures Consultants was an absolute delight!  From the feedback I received, everyone had a great time staying in Denver and taking part in what the city had to offer. I am anxiously awaiting my next trip with Hospital Procedures Consultants…See you in Chicago!


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