Weekend Course vs One-Day Course


The Weekend Live Course takes place on Saturday and Sunday.  The One-Day Live Course takes place on either Saturday or Sunday ONLY.

= Weekend Course Materials
= One-Day Course Materials
= Not Covered

Online Course Didactics
HPC Online CME Course (11.5 hrs CME)
HPC Procedure Video Bundle
Instructional procedure posters
Airway Management Handout
Diagnostic Ultrasound Handout
ER/ICU Drug Reference Card
Procedural Sedation
Mechanical Ventilation
Learn fluid analysis
Diagnosis and Management of complications
Informed consent
PDFs of all HPC Lectures

Clinical Case & Simulated Proctoring
Vascular access cases discussion
Bedside procedures cases discussion
Simulated proctoring of vascular access
Simulated proctoring of bedside procedures
HPC Vascular Access Cases Handout
HPC Bedside Procedures Cases Handout
HPC POCUS Cases Videos

Basic and Difficult Airway Management
Bag-valve mask ventilation
Endotracheal intubation
Video laryngoscopy intubation
Stylet-guided intubation
Laryngeal mask airway placement
King tube placement

Extra Difficult Airway Management
Airway Management Checklist
Peri-intubation Management Handout
Difficult Airway Cases Handout
Airway Management of Morbidly Obese Handout
Fiberoptic intubation
Difficult Airway Cases Discussion
Simulated proctoring of airway management

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Training
RUSH exam
E-FAST exam
Vascular ultrasound
Spine ultrasound
Pleura ultrasound
Limited Echocardiography training
IVC ultrasound
Heartworks Echo Pathology training

Vascular Access Training
Ultrasound-guided arterial line placement
Ultrasound-guided central line placement
Landmark-guided central line placement
Ultrasound-guided peripheral IV placement
Intraosseous line placement

Bedside Procedures Training
Ultrasound-guided thoracentesis
Ultrasound-guided paracentesis
Lumbar puncture
Chest tube placement
Pigtail catheter placement
Needle thoracostomy

Additonal Features
Online & LIVE CME Credits
On-Location Gourmet Meals
Fullfills 30 Hrs Procedure CME for ENP Cert.
Fullfills Procedure CME for EM PA CAQ
Fullfills 16 Hrs Trauma CME
10-Hours Hands-On Procedures Training
20-Hours Hands-On Procedures Training